Federal Reserve Says Low Interest Rates

March 2012

Regardless of if things are bad in the Muni Markets, bad in public finance, bad in Municipal budgets, or even if things are bad in State and Local economies, the Federal Reserve has kept interest rates low.
And the Federal Reserve says they want to keep interest rates low thru 2014.

Public, or Municipal, budgets have been, are and will be in bad shape. This is no secret any longer, and there will be more to come on Municipal budgets and resulting public finance.

This monetary stimulis along with all those billions (trillions) in fiscal stimulus should help both State and Local economies and Municipal budgets.
It also helps the Muni Markets.

I'm not sure if I believe the Fed when they say 2014... elections are later this year and I worry about things after that.
But until then...the Federal Reserve says they are keeping interest rates low.