Muni Price Transparency Efforts Began a Decade Ago: A Message for Congress, the SEC, and Commissioner Elise Walter

January 2011

There have been recent statements and even awards for the MSRB and it's Muni Market price transparency project called EMMA. Commissioner Elise Walter of the SEC has been most verbal about it. Amazing.

The old was also something I wanted to be an "industry" project. It could have been much more...long ago. However, there was never any funding, never any real interest. There was support, there were efforts and very interesting stories, but those never ended well. As everyone should know, I had to sell the old When signing off I was given assurances. Unfortunately for Muni investors, the Muni Market is worse now than even two years ago.

I am relaunching my public finance watchdog and advocacy efforts at

At I will attempt to help investors actualize a fair and reasonable bid-side price.

If any supporters of improved U.S. Municipal public finance and Muni fair pricing want to contact me my number is the same.

Kevin Olson