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December 2010

My name is Kevin Olson.

I pioneered fixed income price transparency by first posting Muni Market trade and price data over a decade ago at my site "the old" MunicipalBonds.com. I had to sell MunicipalBonds.com. It broke my heart to do so but that's that, and it is no longer mine.

While I was MunicipalBonds.com I developed into the Muni Market investor advocate; as well as a public finance watchdog. It was not an easy road. I seriously considered walking away, but there are reasons why I am starting up again. One change, however, is that I will be a public finance watchdog first and then investor advocate.

MuniAdvocate.com will centralize my watchdog and advocacy work.

MuniMarket.com will do what it can to actualize a centralized bid-side MuniMarket to help Muni Market investors get a fair and reasonable price when they have to or need to sell.

If you are an Municipal Bond investor --
You should understand that you are in trouble in more ways than just interest rate and credit risks. I will do what I can to help you.

Kevin Olson
(415 )922-7870

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2010 "Reformed" MSRB Board Member Candidate Q&A Form

2010 "Reformed" MSRB Board Member Candidate Q&A Form